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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the United States and is known around the world as the center of the movie industry and the home of many of the country’s rich and famous, which makes it an ideal location to grab a luxury Los Angeles rental car. With only New York being called home by more Americans, there is always something interesting going on in Los Angeles and more often than anywhere else, there is always a chance that someone famous will be attending. The movie industry calls Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills home which means that many of the celebrities that you see on the big screen have homes in the area and can be found mingling with the locals on occasion. Using a Los Angeles car rental service you may be able to see some on your trip.

Walk of Fame

With so many famous people concentrated in Los Angeles it only makes sense that the most famous sidewalk should also call this city its home which can be viewed through the windows of your classy Los Angeles rental automobile. The Walk of Fame where the stars of celebrities past and present reside can be seen by anyone who comes to visit. Simply drive your Los Angeles car rental into the heart of Hollywood in order to see the hand prints in the pavement that have become so iconic over the years. Find your favorite celebrity square and snap a picture next to it for a free souvenir from your trip before jumping back in your luxury Los Angeles auto rental and heading to your next destination.

The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign rests in the hills above the city and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world and can be seen using your Los Angeles rental SUV. Its prominence in movies has made it a tourist attraction which millions come to Los Angeles to see every year. For those who are feeling adventurous there is even a hike which can be taken to the base of the Hollywood Sign. Simply take your Los Angeles rental car to the trailhead and enjoy. It takes most of the day, but the beautiful views that it offers make it worthwhile for those that set out to undertake it.

Landmarks Galore

The TCL Chinese Theatre is one of the most recognizable buildings in Los Angeles. It can be seen while walking through the streets of Hollywood, or driving your luxury Los Angeles rental car, as well as many other buildings which have gained prestige over the years. Watching a show inside the theatre is a fun experience, however most are content to just take in the architecture and continue exploring the city in their Los Angeles rental vehicles. Catching a view from inside the comfort of your Los Angeles car rental can be a great way to get a good view of all the landmarks that are scattered throughout the city.

Los Angeles is not traditionally considered a walk friendly city. This makes it even more important that you find a Los Angeles car rental that you enjoy as you land and begin your trip through the city. It can be exciting to drive the streets of Los Angeles, however be careful, most say that it is unlike driving through most other cities in the United States. With so many things to do, you will be grateful that you chose the best Los Angeles car rental so that you can take a day trip out to any of the outlying attractions located in one of Los Angeles’ vast suburbs.

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