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Orange County

Orange County is one of the more notable areas in Southern California to travel in an Orange County hire car. Though not as big as Los Angeles which borders it on the north, it certainly packs enough entertainment value to spend an entire vacation without ever feeling like you have seen everything that it has to offer in an Orange County rental SUV. Orange County is a sprawling suburb with many attractions peppered throughout a few different cities. The perfect Orange County car rental can go a long way towards making your trip most enjoyable. Whether you fly into Orange County or Los Angeles you will notice that Southern California takes its roads seriously, so be ready for some culture shock while driving your Orange County car rental through its beautiful streets.


Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth and for good reason. Millions of people every year make the trip to Anaheim, California, using an Orange County rental car service, in order to experience that magic that Walt Disney began over 60 years ago. This destination is located in the heart of Orange County and can be accessed from almost anywhere within the region with the right Orange County rent a car service. Even those visiting Los Angeles often spend a day to come down, in an Orange County SUV rental, and have some fun in one of the most iconic theme parks in the world.

Sports Fans Rejoice

Orange County, even though it isn’t one of the major American cities, it is home to several professional sports teams thanks to its population and its vicinity to Los Angeles. Visitors can catch an Angels game during baseball season or head over to the Honda Center to watch the Ducks play a game of hockey by taking their Orange County automobile rental. There are also many nationally touring concerts and acts which come through the Honda Center throughout the entire year, so be sure to check whether there is anything interesting going on during your trip. Choosing the right rental car service in Orange County will make it much easier to enjoy these attractions.

Shopping Mecca

Newport Beach and Costa Mesa are home to some of the shops which carry some of the highest fashion brands in the world which can be reached in your luxury Orange County rental car. South Coast Plaza has been featured on many shows for its extravagant stores and supposedly secret inventories geared towards high status customers. Its gorgeous location overlooking the Pacific Ocean only adds to its appeal and helps make a fantastic day of shopping in your classy Orange County rental SUV. For those who don’t enjoy the shopping scene, Newport Beach is the home of surf tournaments at various times during the year. Simply seeing the waves where the pros ride, through the windows of your Orange County automobile rental, can be enough to send a tingle down your spine.

Visiting Orange County can be one of the most enjoyable vacations that you ever plan with the help of an Orange County rental SUV. Simply find the right Orange County car rental when you land and you will be able to cruise the streets in style and comfort throughout your trip. A convertible is great for the summer months when the warm Southern California weather makes you want to let your hair flow in the wind and let your worries wash away. Orange County makes an ideal vacation destination for both those looking to get away and those looking to be in the center of it all with the help of the right Orange County rental car service.

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