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San Diego

San Diego often gets overlooked by its larger neighbor to the north, Los Angeles; however it is one of the most pleasant cities to visit in all of California using an enjoyable San Diego rental car. It is located right next to the Pacific Ocean with a large port and marina for sailing expeditions ranging from a daytrip to international cruises which can be reached using a San Diego rental SUV. A San Diego car rental will allow you to explore this exciting city as well as make your way to the other parts of Southern California. For a chance to experience Southern California's warm sunny weather there are few better choices than a trip to San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Pak

San Diego is home to a nationally renowned zoo which has a large addition that is known as the safari park. This houses animals from around the world with large exhibits featuring African savannahs as well as polar animals. This is a great attraction for young and old alike who are visiting using a San Diego vehicle rental service. Your San Diego car rental will allow you to head out to Escondido and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience for yourself. It can be a nice change to get out of the city and spend some time in the wild with a San Diego rental car, even if it is just at San Diego safari park.


San Diego has fully embraced and added to Southern California's surf culture. Many of the beaches around the city are well known for their waves that can be tons of fun for beginners and experts alike once reached using a San Diego rental vehicle. Whether you are taking lessons for the first time or heading out to get a taste of the Pacific Ocean as an experienced surfer, you will be sure to enjoy the experience that San Diego beaches have to offer by taking your San Diego rental SUV. For everyone else who is simply looking to relax on the sand and enjoy the view, San Diego beaches are the perfect place to visit in your San Diego hire car.

The Nightlife

The San Diego gas lamp district is home to a very respectable nightlife which can be accessed using your luxury San Diego rental car. With restaurants lining the streets along with bars and dance clubs, there is sure to be something for everyone once the California sun goes down for the evening. There are some speak easies which are hidden throughout the district which can make for an unforgettable time if you are able to find one using your San Diego rental car. They are often in the back of other buildings or even underground in order to be inconspicuous due to their nature.

San Diego makes a great destination for business and pleasure alike with the right San Diego rental car service. Regardless of how long you stay, there will always be entertaining options to fill your days and evenings. The warm weather and friendly people make it an ideal place to take kids, or to simply escape from everyday life for a couple of days using a high-quality San Diego hire car. San Diego, like other Southern California cities is very automobile friendly. This means that it will be important for you to grab a car rental in San Diego when you arrive in order to fully experience the city as the locals do. There is limited transportation throughout the downtown area, however a rental car will make the trip much more enjoyable.

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