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Santa Monica

Santa Monica is located on the west side of Los Angeles and is home to many of the more affluent residents of the city which can be seen in a Santa Monica rental car. There are fine dining options throughout the city as well as attractions built for tourists and locals alike accessible with a Santa Monica SUV rental. When visiting Los Angeles it is well worth it to take a trip in your Santa Monica rental car where the city overlooks the Pacific Ocean and get in touch with the historical significance of this portion of the city. For those who enjoy a more progressive crowd, the residents of Santa Monica and the surrounding cities will be just the bunch.

3rd Street Promenade

The Third Street Promenade located near the ocean in Santa Monica is one of the premier shopping and dining locations in Los Angeles which can be reached by Santa Monica rental car. There are a wide variety of shops along the street and in the surrounding areas so that everyone will be able to find something that strikes their fancy. The entire street is blocked off for pedestrian traffic which makes it a wonderful place to stroll during the evening after parking your Santa Monica rental vehicle. There are often talented street performers who sign up to play in the middle of the avenue for an evening.

The Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is another one of the iconic landmarks that is strewn across Los Angeles and can be seen using a Santa Monica rental car service. It has an amusement park built on top of it which is featured in many movies and television shows. Visitors can take their Santa Monica car rental down to the pier in order to enjoy the amusement park or to simply take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, where it meets the shore. The pier also has its fair share of talented performers and interesting people that will keep you on your toes and wondering what you will see next in your Santa Monica hire car.

Ocean Avenue

Ocean Avenue is one of the most well-known streets on the west coast to drive in your Santa Monica rental car. It is situated on a cliff above the Pacific Coast Highway and overlooks the beach as well as the Pacific Ocean. There is a very nice walking/bike path along the street which offers an enjoyable experience as you walk along with the city of Los Angeles on one side and the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean on the other. A Santa Monica car rental will allow you to drive down this famous avenue and take in all of the sights in the utmost comfort.

Santa Monica is one of the cities that makes Los Angeles so diverse and exciting. By simply traveling for an hour in your Santa Monica car rental you can go from a downtown experience in one of America's largest cities to a beach front paradise. The temperate weather makes Santa Monica an ideal vacation destination all year round and the amount of attractions close at hand will keep young and old alike entertained for as long as your trip lasts using a convertible obtained through your Santa Monica rental car service. Los Angeles is a city which is best traveled by automobile so finding the best rental car in Santa Monica will enhance your vacation experience.

Santa Monica (SMO)
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