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Scottsdale, Arizona is a very pleasant destination for both travel and vacation using a Scottsdale rental car. It is located on the eastern edge of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area which means that visitors are able to have the benefits of both big city life as well as the comfort of the suburbs. Scottsdale is filled with interesting attractions that can be reached with a Scottsdale car rental. When you fly into the airport simply pick up your Scottsdale auto rental and you are ready to take off and explore the city, visiting whichever attractions strike your fancy.

Hiking in the Desert

Scottsdale has a wonderful array of hiking trails just outside the city which can be accessed with your Scottsdale rental vehicle. For those that love to spend time in nature, this is the ideal activity for a morning or afternoon of fun that can be reached by a quick drive in your Scottsdale rental SUV. There are few places which can compare to the American Southwest when it comes to the raw beauty of the natural landscape, and visitors are able to enjoy this by hiking through the trails or by simply driving their Scottsdale rental automobile along the highways just outside of town. The cactuses and desert flowers can show you a new definition of beauty.


Scottsdale is a great location for those that are looking to shoot eighteen holes of golf on their trip and a rental SUV in Scottsdale is perfect for carrying your clubs. The courses are some of the best in the nation and range from professional to those that are aimed at beginners. The weather in Scottsdale is warm enough that golf can be played for many months out of the year, but morning tee times can be difficult to obtain if you don’t plan ahead. The midday sun in Scottsdale can become quite hot and you will want to be back in your Scottsdale rental car by that time with the air conditioner turned on so that you can enjoy the weather in comfort.

Penske Racing Museum

The Penske Racing Museum is another available attraction in Scottsdale for auto lovers who are cruising in their luxury Scottsdale car rentals. It is a museum which showcases many of the cars and trophies that have been won by one of the most successful racing companies in the sport’s history. It also has a café and a boutique so that everyone can enjoy spending the day admiring the powerful vehicles which have won over 300 major races over the past 40 years before jumping back in their own powerful Scottsdale rental car for the day.

Scottsdale is a great location for travelers of all kinds. It has more than enough attractions to keep you entertained throughout your trip while you are on vacation traveling around the city in your Scottsdale rental vehicle. Those that are traveling on business have a variety of entertaining things to see which will not interfere with your busy work schedule with the help of a Scottsdale SUV rental. A Scottsdale car rental will allow you to enjoy the greater Phoenix area which is full of fun and exciting things for everyone to enjoy. You will also be able to go outside the city to enjoy the natural beauty that exists in that part of the country. Choosing the best Scottsdale rental car will help you enjoy your trip even more.

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