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Thermal, California is located to the east of Los Angeles in the desert area near the middle of the region and can be navigated in a Thermal rental SUV. It is very close to Palm Springs which means it has similarly desirable weather throughout the year perfect for a convertible obtained from a Thermal rental car service. This fact makes it a very desirable vacation destination for those that are looking to get away from the cold weather during the winter months. Grabbing a Thermal car rental is a necessity in order to enjoy everything that this portion of Southern California has to offer. Finding the right one will only make your trip that much better.

Downtown Indio

Downtown Indio has everything that you need to keep you comfortable and entertained during your trip to Thermal when you are out of your luxury Thermal rental car. If the weather isn’t too hot, you can stroll through the streets and enjoy the Southern California sunshine before getting back to the air conditioning in your Thermal rental SUV. There is shopping as well as food and entertainment to occupy your evenings and to enjoy the company of those you are traveling with or to even meet new people. With the beauty of the desert sprawled around the city, it is a wonderful experience to be able to walk through a downtown area and still feel as though you are in a natural landscape as well as driving your Thermal hire car throughout town.

Empire Polo Fields

The Empire Polo Fields offer an activity that, can be reached in your Thermal rental car, but can’t be found in too many other vacation destinations. Play or watch a rousing game of polo on either horses or golf carts at this fine establishment with a quick drive in your Thermal rental SUV. There are few things more exciting than viewing a live polo match with those that you care for. Polo is a sport that you may have few opportunities to watch throughout the course of your life, so it may be best to use your Thermal automobile rental to take advantage of this world class polo field.

Indian Wells Tennis Garden

This tennis club was the second largest tennis stadium in the world when it was opened in 2000 and can be accessed in your classy Thermal car rental. It has been played by professional tennis players and can be attended in order to view matches. Watching a tennis match in the morning could be an excellent addition to your vacation itinerary to spice things up during a relaxing vacation before traveling around town in your Thermal rental SUV. You could get a tan while being entertained at the same time.


See the location where one of the largest music festivals in California is held every year by taking your Thermal rental car to the grounds. Music enthusiasts from around the country flock to Coachella in order to hear some of the biggest performers play live at a three day music festival many using a convenient Thermal rental vehicle. Get a feel for the energy that can overwhelm the location during the festival before hopping back in your comfortable Thermal rental vehicle.

Thermal, California makes for an excellent vacation spot because of its superb weather throughout the year and its proximity to Palm Springs as well as the Salton Sea. A Thermal rental car is a must in order to get around and potentially take a small trip into the coastal cities near Los Angeles. Southern California makes an ideal destination because of the variety that it offers to guests accessible in a Thermal rental SUV. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is an attraction in Thermal that is sure to meet your needs and be easily within reach of your Thermal hire car.

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