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Vail is one of the most famous Colorado ski resorts which can be enjoyed in a Vail rental car. It boasts some of the most fun and beautiful ski slopes in the United States and is often visited by international travelers seeking out some of the best runs available using a Vail hire car. Grabbing a Vail car rental will allow you to take advantage of everything that this beautiful city has to offer to travelers and locals alike. Skiing is not the only thing that makes Vail a popular vacation destination. The natural beauty of the surrounding mountains is a sight to be seen and can be enjoyed from the roads that snake through the mountains in your Vail auto rental.


Vail is a premier ski resort which offers challenges to everyone who are able to access them using a luxury Vail rental vehicle. From beginners just learning how to ski to professionals that are looking for some of the most challenging runs in the world, Vail has everything that you could need. There are lessons offered by the resort for anyone who is looking to improve their skiing technique. Snowboarding is also a common activity on the mountain's slopes and boards can be stored atop your Vail rental SUV. It is home to the Colorado Ski Museum which showcases the history of skiing in the state as well as its contributions to the sport as a whole.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens provide a change of pace from the breakneck speeds on the slopes and your speedy Vail rental automobile. These beautiful gardens feature plant life which is native to the high altitude environment which surrounds Vail and can be seen while driving your Vail rental SUV. Take your Vail rental car out to visit this beautiful natural exhibit in order to fully appreciate the plant life which grows in the Rocky Mountains. Getting closer to nature can bring a sense of peace and calm to your trip which can become lost in the fast pace of the ski resort.

Boot Falls Trail

Vail is home to some of Colorado's best hiking trails. Those that enjoy the outdoors will be sure to find these trails and hikes to be the things that dreams are made of when traveling to them in a Vail rental car. During the summer months when the ski resorts are not as busy due to the weather, the hiking and trails around the city become one of the main attractions. By finding a rental car in Vail when you land at the airport, you will be able to explore as many of these beautiful trails as you desire during your stay. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after a long hike as you sit back in the comfort of your air conditioned Vail car rental.

For your trip to Vail, whether it is to enjoy the slopes or the summer scenery, grab a high-quality Vail car rental in order to be able to experience everything that you would like to experience throughout your trip. Traveling in style and comfort has always been a sure way to make your trip more enjoyable. Don't deal with any of the hassles that accompany most rental car transactions, simply work with the best and get in and out so that you can get on with enjoying your trip in a high-quality Vail rental automobile.

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