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Van Nuys

Van Nuys is in the heart of the San Fernando Valley just north of Hollywood and Los Angeles which are just a quick drive away in a Van Nuys rental car. Star studded Los Angeles is just a quick drive down the road where you will be able to experience the glam and glitz of the movie industry with a chance to see the rich and famous walking down Rodeo Drive. Van Nuys is the historic home of many of the original Hollywood royalty. Many important landmarks are spread throughout the area from before the industry migrated south into current day Hollywood which can be seen from inside a Van Nuys rental SUV. The right Van Nuys car rental can easily and comfortably have you cruising the streets of Southern California and brushing elbows with the natives.

The Hollywood Sign

The bright white Hollywood Sign that sits atop the hills overlooking Los Angeles is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world that can be viewed from many freeways while driving your Van Nuys rental automobile. Featured in many films and documentaries since its erection, it has become recognizable to almost anyone who sees it using Van Nuys automobile rentals. For those who are interested, it is possible to hike up to the base of the Hollywood sign. Simply drive your Van Nuys rental car into the Hollywood Hills where the trail begins and you can spend a day in the natural beauty of the Southern California sun while snapping some great pictures of the city.

Malibu Awaits

Van Nuys is close to Malibu where many of the richest people in the world call home. The twenty seven miles of scenic beauty contain some of the most famous beaches in the world which can be appreciated from your Van Nuys rental vehicle. Malibu sits just north of Santa Monica which is home to the original location of Muscle Beach. With so much history, it is important to have a reliable Van Nuys car rental in order to make sure that you can get to everything that interests you.

The Rich and Famous

There are many tours that offer to take vacationers to the homes of the rich and famous that call Los Angeles home, however visitors can also find a map that will allow them to visit the homes on their own which can be much more enjoyable. A comfortable rental car in Van Nuys can be all that you need in order to set out on your own adventure to see where your favorite movie star or celebrity lives. There is always the chance that you will get lucky enough to see one of them and potentially grab a quick picture or an autograph before hopping back into your luxury Van Nuys rental car and driving off into the sunset.

Traveling to Van Nuys provides all of the benefits of a trip to Los Angeles without having to deal with the busy aspects of the city while driving a Van Nuys rental SUV. Simply grab the best Van Nuys rental car as you land at the airport and you will be set to enjoy a trip through one of America's biggest cities. Van Nuys offers wonderful weather as well as great shopping and dining that should make your trip to the area enjoyable and memorable. Avoid the busy highways of Los Angeles and spend your next vacation in Van Nuys where you can enjoy the driving experience in your classy Van Nuys auto rental.

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