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A family-owned business, Go Rentals was founded in 1995 by brothers Kaye and Kavous Gitibin to meet a clear need for a high-touch, quality vehicle rental service for discerning business and leisure travelers. Since its launch, Go Rentals has grown into a leading rental service company with unrivaled knowledge, experience, and passion for aviation and hospitality.

Today, Go Rentals continues to cater to the needs of Guests as well as aviation, travel, and hospitality professionals, with an extraordinary level of personalized service, beautifully maintained vehicles, and a dedicated team who go to heroic lengths to make the travel experience enjoyable, memorable, and convenient.

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Service is our passion

By fostering strong, meaningful relationships with clients and partners alike, Go Rentals has continued to expand its reach and reputation to airports, FBOs, world-class hotels and resorts nationwide. Go Rentals is committed to finding, training, and retaining the best talent in aviation, customer service, hospitality, and transportation, who share our company’s core values and passion for always putting the client first.

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